Oxacan Performing Arts – The Pineapple Dance

Oaxacan Art - Alebrijes for saleThe fact that Travel + Leisure magazine has named Oaxaca City one of the World’s Top 10 Cities has, understandably, made it a much visited area.  And, there is much to entice someone to go there.  As well as numerous gastronomical delicacies, Oaxacan Art offers many other things of interest.  This includes the Oaxacan Wood Carving Artists, who produce the world renowned Mexican Alebrijes, and the potters and weavers.  The Oaxaca Region offers a number of unique, unusual, and intriguing Performing Arts as well.  One of these is the Flor de Pina, or The Dance Flower of the Pineapple.

The dance consists of twenty lovely young ladies, adorned in richly colored garments of the region, performing shoulder to shoulder with the energy of a whirlwind!  With a pineapple perched on their shoulder, the beauty of the event is in the ebb and flow of their synchronization.  Local bands perform the music live to accompany the dance, and you cannot help but get caught up in the festivities and gaiety of the dance.

While the memory of the dance will remain with you forever, taking home a piece of Mexican Artwork will help to trigger those memories, and give you an opportunity to share them with others when they comment on the art!  An Oaxacan Animal Carving may very well be just the thing for you to purchase and enjoy.  In fact, many people have started with one piece of art and then went on to actually start a collection of the afore mentioned Mexican Alebrijes.  Regardless of what you choose, you will want something to frequently tickle your memory regarding your trip to Oaxaca, Mexico!

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